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ISCAR TECH TALK - NEOFEED - Efficient Rough Milling, Increased Productivity and Cost Savings


NEOFEED is ISCAR's new milling tool family for highly efficient rough milling and assured increased productivity and cost savings. NEOFEED incorporates indexable double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges for ultimate production results. The new NEOFEED cutters are available in the diameter range of 50-100 mm in two shell mill design configurations. - The first one is the FFQ8 FSZ-12 and has a 12-degree cutting edge angle for milling with extremely high feeds per tooth - known as fast feed milling at depths of cut of up to 1.5 mm. - The second cutter, the MFQ8 FSZ-12 has a 22-degree cutting edge angle and is intended for moderate feed milling at depths of cut of up to 3 mm. The new shell mills can carry the same double-sided square inserts with 8 cutting edges. When the NEOFEED tool is mounted, the insert enables a positive tool rake angle. This guarantees smooth cutting, reduced cutting forces and power consumption. The insert pocket has a dove tail shape that provides rigid and reliable insert clamping and improves the cutter's capability to withstand heavy load. These features enable increased cutting conditions for better productivity and ensure improved tool life. The new shell mill cutters feature a pitch option for 50-100 mm cutters. This feature extends the range of application options for roughing, specifically in the die and mold, aerospace, and general engineering industries. The FFQ8 SZMU 120520 is characterized by its double-sided square insert with 8 cutting edges and a high strength body structure. It is a specially designed insert with a 2 mm corner radius which has a reinforced cutting edge for increased insert robustness when milling near a wall. The FFQ8 SZMU 120520T insert is intended for steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel, cast iron and hardened steel, which belong to the ISO P, K, and H application groups. And the distinct features of the FFQ8 SZMU 120520HP insert is its ability to machine austenitic stainless steel, titanium and high temperature alloys, which belong to the M and ISO S application groups. In addition to the unique features introduced for each of the inserts, they are all produced from ISCAR's advanced carbide grades with a post coating treatment technology that guarantees longer tool life and high productivity. The innovative features of the new cutters can be appreciated by their fine pitch design for increased metal removal rates. The coolant holes are directed to each cutting edge, which assures improved productivity while the protective coating on the cutter body provides better chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. 🤍 e- Learning - Become an Expert in the Metal Cutting Industry, Discover our Courses: 🤍 #ISCAR, #Milling, #NEOFEED, #CuttingEdges, #HighFeed, #MillCutters, #TechTalk

Íscar 2022 Suelta de 2 Tros Bravos y Capea


Suelta de 2 Toros Bravos y Capea en Íscar día 1 de Octubre 2022 ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ 🚩 VÍDEOS DE TOROS BRAVOS NUEVOS TODAS SEMANAS. SUSCRIBETE AQUÍ! ⇢ ⇢ ⇢ 🤍 🚩ENLACES: #toros #toros_bravos #vídeos_de_toros

ISCAR Small Diameter Milling Tools


ISCAR introduces small diameter milling cutters with indexable inserts in the diameter range of 6 mm to 12 mm. These new tools provide an excellent alternative for ISCAR's solid carbide endmills intended for diverse applications such as shoulder milling, pocketing, slotting and more. And present many benefits and perks: 1. 0:49 Table Feed in Relation to Ap-DOC 2. 1:56 Spindle Limitation 3. 2:29 Coolant 4. 3:01 Handling and Logistics 5. 3:48 Versatility 6. 4:09 Economical and Environmental Aspects 7. 4:49 Summary HELI4MILL 🤍 HELI3MILL 🤍 NANMILL 🤍 MICRO3FEED 🤍 NAN3FEED 🤍 #HELI4MILL #HELI3MILL #NANMILL# #MICRO3FEED #NAN3FEED #Profiling #Slotting #Plunging #Shouldering #Rampdown #Facing #FF #FastFeed #Indaxable #Small #NANO #MICRO #Milling #ISCAR



The Expansion of the HELI3MILL 390 LINE with a New Serrated Cutting-Edge Insert-for highly efficient rough milling. For Applications • Rough to finish machining for ISO N materials • Milling square shoulders, slots, inclined surfaces and cavities by ramp down including ramping by helical interpolation • Milling with high tool overhang You will benefit: • Productivity: Assures high metal removal rates • Accuracy: milling 90º square shoulders • High performance when milling at low unstable conditions • Low power consumption allows applying the cutters on machine tools with limited power, small capacity machining centers and turn-milling machines • The shredded chips help in a significant reduction of the common built-up phenomena, especially when machining aluminum alloys #ISCAR, #HELI3MILL, #HM390, #ALUMINIUM, #HSM, #HIGHSPEEDMACHINING, #shredder



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Testing a New Iscar Turning Tool


In this video, I test out the demo Iscar PCLOR 20-6-IQ turning tool. It uses the COMG 643 carbide insert. This is a demo tool that was loaned to me to test and try out. I wanted to compare it to my Iscar LNMX insert tool. I think both do a good job. Another purpose of this test was to see if I could get to 1/2" metal removal on the Monarch lathe. Just a little fun on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Jason and Newman Industrial for letting me play around with the Iscar demo tooling.

Multi-Master Heads - Iscar Plus Tool Intros - CNC Machining


MULTI-MASTER is a family of tools with shanks and unique interchangeable heads for almost all milling applications in any kind of material, to achieve superior performance and high productivity. Indexing is fast and convenient due to the threaded connection. Since the tool is not removed from the machine, there is no setup time for head replacement and offers excellent repeatability. The MULTI-MASTER system is essential for die and mould production with its long shank options and a high degree of machining efficiency. ISCAR’s MULTI-MASTER can reduce your production costs through increased production efficiency. Social media handles: /🤍 🤍

More Material Removal and Higher Accuracy with ISCAR Metals


From turning to milling to insertable offerings, we're talking everything tooling with ISCAR Metals. Come with us to check out all the new offerings for 2022!

NeoFeed - Iscar Plus Tool Intros - CNC Machining


The successful launch of the MILL4FEED milling line provides excellent results in rough milling. ISCAR introduces NEOFEED for high productivity milling which incorporates indexable double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges. The new NEOFEED cutters are available in the diameter range 2.00”-4.00” in the following two shell-mill design configurations: FFQ8 -12 with 12° cutting edge angle for extremely high feed per tooth (fast feed milling) at depths of cut-up of to .059”. MFQ8 -12 with 22° cutting edge angle for milling with “moderate” feed milling (less than high but much more than common) at depths of cut-up of to .118”. When milling near a wall using MFQ8 D...-12 cutter up-milling is recommended. For more technical information on the tool, click on the link below: 🤍

Oscar - 4:44 (Freestyle)


Oscar - 4:44 (Freestyle) Freestyled over "4:44" by Jay-Z (Produced by JAY-Z & No I.D.) Booking: +40 754 261 273 Video by FTL EYES Shot by Freelook Edited by Amtilb Written & Performed by Oscar Engineered by Fxne 🤍FXNE Studios #Oscar #444 #Freestyle

T-GEAR - New ISCAR Product Launch




ISCAR’s new parting and grooving technologies are capable of integrating seamlessly with the new wave of machining centers that work with incredibly high feeds. TANG-F-GRIP has been designed to answer these needs and to achieve high productivity and lower costs. TANG-F-GRIP comprises a robust tool block carrying square blades that feature four pockets and is capable of parting a bar diameter of up to 120mm. TANG-F-GRIP is simple to mount and operate on all machine types, including multi-task and machining centers on X-AXIS, without special adjustment. The system enables both TANG-F-GRIP and DO-GRIP blades to be mounted on the same blocks. The square blades possess a support system that provides totally vibration-free grooving and parting. TANG-F-GRIP also saves on setup time as, in cases of pocket damage, the block’s configuration allows a blade to be rotated to a new pocket without setup. TANG-F-GRIP is intended for high feed parting. It extends insert life, improves surface finish and part straightness, and features high stability - especially when parting large diameters. The new patented blades reduce cutting time - for instance, a 120mm bar can be cut with a 3mm blade with HF (high feed) inserts at a feed rate of up to 0.4 mm/rev (0.0157 ipr). The HF tangential single-ended insert was developed to enable highly efficient parting at very high feed rates, by use of a unique chipformer technology. The secure and robust clamping method uses a tangentially orientated pocket to facilitate pocket life that is three times longer than that of any other conventional self-grip system, and enables machining at high feed rates for excellent straightness and surface finish characteristics. The insert chipformer, complemented by HP coolant from the blade, allows unobstructed chip flow, which increases insert and blade tool life and leads to very high productivity gains. ISCAR aims to provide customers with the most efficient metal cutting technologies. View our Catalogs and brochures: 🤍 Download ISCAR WORLD, the virtual "one stop shop" app that features all ISCAR's online apps, interfaces, and product catalogs in a single space: 🤍 e- Learning - Become an Expert in the Metal Cutting Industry, Discover our Courses: 🤍 #ISCAR, #Parting, #TANGGRIP; #PartingSystems, #MetalCuttingTools, #TechTalk

ISCAR: Aplicaciones MULTI-MASTER para Fondos Planos


¡Nuevas geometrías!



ISCAR introduces new ROUNDMILL milling cutters that mount double-sided round inserts with 12 cutting edges for profiling applications. The new cutters are available in endmill exchangeable heads and shell mill configurations. The cutters are intended mainly for machining 3D surfaces, especially the working surfaces of blades in turbomachinery. The new cutters are available as Shell mills RDS FR D...-12 in diameters 40, 50, 63, and 80 mm, and exchangeable milling heads with a FLEXFIT threaded connection RDS ER D...-12 in a 32 mm diameter. The new cutters mount double-sided round inserts and feature reliable insert clamping and fail-proof insert indexing due to an innovative pocket design and a special peripheral design of the insert. Depending on the depth of cut, the RDS FR/ER -12 enables up to 6 insert indexes on each insert side of the cutter with up to 12 insert indexes total. The cutter features a positive rake angle for smooth and light cutting action, reduced cutting forces and power consumption, and highly rigid insert clamping which enables ramp down capabilities. Coolant holes directed to each individual cutting edge with coolant supply through the cutter body. Protective coating of the cutter body for better chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear. Additional features are a double-sided insert design with a durable structure that ensures reversibility. • A special peripheral insert design which enables up to 12 insert indexes and contributes to the secured clamping of the insert. • When indexing, there is no need to remove the insert clamping screw. • Produced with the latest coated carbide grades with a post-coating treatment for improved tool life and higher productivity. • Available with two types of cutting geometries (T/HP) for optimal machining of different materials. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. 🤍 #ISCAR; #Milling; #RoundMill; #Endmill; #FLEXFIT; #DoubleSidedInsert;

DMG MORI, ISCAR, NCG CAM - Live Machining a Bezel


NCG CAM Live Machining of a Bezel - Material cutting is EN24T on a DMG MORI NVX 5080, using Iscar Cutting Tools and NCG CAM software.

ISCAR - Aircraft Rib


When it comes to Aerospace ✈, there is only one right answer... ▪ Advanced Geometry 📐 ▪ Flexible Customization 🛠 ▪ Durable Machining 🏋️‍♂️ For more details about the products in the clip: 1. MILL4FEED FFQ4 SOMT 120516HP-P 🤍 2. HELIALU HM90 APCR 1605...R-P 🤍 3. HELIALU HSM90S APCR 2207…R-P 🤍 4. HELI3MILL HM390 TDCR 1505…-FW 🤍 5. HELIALU HSM90S APCR 1405…R-P 🤍 6. HELI2000 HM90 APCR 100304PDFR-P/DP 🤍 7. CHAMFMILL PNMT 0602-TN 🤍 #Iscar #Aluminum #Aerospace

ISCAR TECH TALK - Barrel-Shaped Inserts for Efficient Multi-Axis Milling


ISCAR expands the capabilities of BALLPLUS indexable endmills by introducing NEOBARREL - the new family of barrel-shaped inserts for efficient multi-axis milling. Mold-and-die shops thrive on the latest technology in tooling, software, and machines. Process success often depends on using best-in-class solutions from the past as well as from the latest advances of today. The emergence of circle segment end mill technology for full five-axis profiling is now becoming a standard for machining large diameter segments. The circle segment endmill is an effective replacement for the typical ball nose end mill that is used for semi-finishing and finishing molds. The circle segment endmill features a cutting edge that is a segment of a large diameter arc that reduces the number of stepovers and the cusp height of machining passes in the mold. The net result is a smoother surface finish and reduction of cycle times by as much as 50 to 90 percent. ISCAR's NEOBARREL insert are intended to be mounted on 16,20- and 25-mm diameter BALLPLUS endmills. The 25 mm Insert features The main cutting edge is the segment of an enlarged-radius-circle. Applying the insert significantly reduces the number of cuts and cycle time by increased stepover and stepdown operations. Diminishing the number of cuts combined with a large-radius- or arced shaped cutting edge provides high surface quality. NEOBARREL inserts are available in ISCAR's versatile IC908 grade. The new barrel-shape inserts are available in two geometry types: HCT - A cutting edge that features a combination of an arcuated taper with a ball-nose tip. The arc radius is 75 mm and the taper angle vary along the cutting edge from 34° to 46.1°, while the spherical radius of the tip is 3 mm. HLB – is a lens-shaped insert with an arcuated (oval) bottom with peripheral cutting edges. The tapered angle varies along the cutting edge from 0° to 10.5° while the nominal arc radius is 50 mm for the bottom edge, and 25 mm for the two-peripheral cutting edges. Barrel type inserts with the tapered angle vary along the cutting edge from 90°to 70°. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. 🤍 #ISCAR, #Milling, #BALLPLUS, #NEOBARREL, #Multi-Axis,#TECH-TALK

ISCAR TECH TALK - ISCAR SUMOCHAM for Drilling Operations


The ISCAR SUMOCHAM line for drilling operations. The SUMOCHAM line has a new unique pocket design that uses resulting cutting forces to tighten the exchangeable drilling head, which provides extremely rigid mounting. The greater the effect of the cutting forces, the greater the clamping force of the head. The SUMOCHAM line is user-friendly and assures quick and easy replacement of exchangeable drilling heads with emphasis on ISCAR's no set-up time phenomenon. The tools are embedded with the revolutionary technology of twisted coolant channels. This modified twisted coolant channel design features increased flute volume that greatly contributes to effective chip evacuation. ISCAR's SUMOCHAM exchangeable drilling heads are available in a diameter range from 4 mm up to 32.9 mm and include 10 standard geometries that are suitable for the most popular and common material groups used daily in diverse industries. The inserts are supplied with a user-friendly key that enables easy mounting with no set-up time. The ICP geometry is designed for ISO P materials and is ideally shaped for high productivity and excellent chip control for machining alloy steel. The HCP geometry, with a concave cutting edge, is used for self-centering the drill and ensures drilling operations with a depth of up to 12xD without the need for a pre-hole. The FCP geometry provides a practical flat bottom hole often required in various operations. The ICK geometry is designed to machine ISO K materials at very high feed rates. The ICM geometry maximizes productivity when machining austenitic stainless steel and other ISO M materials. The ICG geometry has grooves on the cutting edge designed to break the chips into small segments which can be easily removed from the cutting area. The ICN geometry has sharp edges and polished chip flutes for ISO N type materials. The QCP geometry with a double margin is used for drilling with high surface quality and improved self-centering capabilities. These wide range of tools ensure drilling with depths from 1.5xD and up to 12xD. For deep drilling it is recommended to use the SUMOCHAM exchangeable drilling heads with SUMOGUN tools that provide drilling holes with a depth of up to 40xD. SUMOCHAM tools are available with 2 standard shank types. • A round shank that is suitable for hydraulic and collet chucks, and reduces the runout of the cutting edge, which is very important for drill lengths over 5xD. • A side lock , cylindrical shank with one or two parallel flats for side clamping systems. Side lock shanks provide a safe and rigid drill that is clamped in a toolholder to prevent the tool from being pulled out. This method provides a high level of torque transmission and is suitable for heavy machining operations. The SUMOCHAM line also includes tools for combined drilling operations such as drilling and chamfering which implies that one tool can be used for two operations for greater productivity. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. e- Learning - Become an Expert in the Metal Cutting Industry, Discover our Courses: 🤍 #ISCAR, #HoleMaking, #SUMOCHAM, #NEOITA, #NoSetUpTime, #SUMOGUN, #ExchangeableDrillingHeads

ISCAR: BHR - Cartuchos de desbaste y plaquitas de 4 filos


Nuevos cartuchos para Cabezas de Mandrinar BHR con asientos exclusivos para desbaste de aceros y fundiciones

ACDodd reviews: ISCAR carbide inserts for turning - Part 1


I was approached by the regional sales manager for ISCAR In the UK with the offer of trying out some ISCAR tooling for my lathe. As a result I took them Up on the offer and they sent me some tooling to use on the work that I do. This work is repair engineering rather than production engineering. So good to test out inserts and holders while machining old material and imperfect castings with hard spots and interrupted cuts. I figured this sort of work is ideal to push inserts as hard as I can on my Colchester student lathe. These tools were sent to me free of charge, I intend to use them and let you know how they perform in this type of work and whether you should consider them for similar work. Enjoy!





MODUDRILL modular heads New modular exchangeable drilling heads for large diameter deep drilling ISCAR is expanding large diameter drilling options with the new MODUDRILL line, which features two different types of exchangeable heads which fit on drill bodies ranging from 33 to 40 mm or 1.299 – 1.575 inches. One body is intended for 33-36 mm or 1.299 – 1.453 inch diameters, and the other for 37-40 mm or 1.457 – 1.575 inch diameters The two drilling head types are designed for different applications - cutting conditions, required hole accuracy and surface finish. Each body is 400 mm in length and can carry any one of the two head types. MD-BODY The modular MD-BODY can carry different types of drilling heads. Produced from high strength steel for high durability, MD-BODY has a small core with a central coolant hole to facilitate efficient chip removal. A high flute helix with polished surface provides smooth and easy chip evacuation for chips of all sizes. The drill body features a connection that withstands high torque. MD-DFN Modular Heads MD-DFN modular heads carry HFP-IQ CHAMIQDRILL solid carbide heads. Their robust structure with a concave cutting edge design enables drilling at high feed rates, providing very accurate IT8-IT9 hole tolerance. The pocket is designed to enable many drilling head indexes. A special axial stopper prevents the drilling head from being extracted during retraction, while large radial head stoppers provide strong resistance to cutting forces, enabling high cutting conditions. HFP-IQ Drilling Heads HFP-IQ drilling heads are designed for high feed machining and are available in a 33-40 mm or 1.299 – 1.575 inch diameter drilling range, according to the standard items list. A unique self-centering geometry enables long overhang without the need for a pilot hole operation. Produced from grade IC908, a PVD coating on a fine submicron grain substrate, the heads are suitable for steel and cast iron (ISO P/K) material groups. MD-DR-DH Modular Heads MD-DR-DH modular heads feature a known and proven design combined with the advantages of a modular system,, and offer an economical solution for low to medium feed machining. The heads carry standard SOMX indexable inserts with 4 cutting edges and are fitted with standard indexable, double-ended guide pads. Download ISCAR WORLD, the virtual "one stop shop" app that features all ISCAR's online apps, interfaces, and product catalogs in a single space: 🤍 View our Catalogs and brochures: 🤍 e- Learning - Become an Expert in the Metal Cutting Industry, Discover our Courses: 🤍 #TECHTALK, #ISCAR, #MetalCuttingTools

Die neue NEODO S890 Linie von ISCAR


Vielseitige, wirtschaftliche Werkzeuge, für produktives Plan- und Eckfräsen!

Alina Eremia x Oscar - Umeri de piatra | Official Video


Stream / Download: 🤍 Subscribe 🤍Alina Eremia: 🤍 💯 Follow Alina Eremia: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Follow Oscar Instagram: 🤍 Booking Romania: 0748 286 025 / 0757 104 166 International Booking: 0751 013 745 / booking🤍 Management & Press: Vlad Parvulescu - +40.720.340.290 | vlad.parvulescu🤍 Global Records Online: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Credite audio: Muzica: Marius Dia, Alex Parker, Alina Eremia, Oscar Text: Marius Dia, Alina Eremia, Oscar Productie: Alex Parker, Marius Dia Credite video: Regie: Vlad Oancea DOP, edit & grade: David Mogan Productie: Loops Production Styling: Cristina Craciun & Miruna Miu Make-up: Edith Hair: Sorin Stratulat Light & Grip: Videolink SRL #AlinaEremia #Oscar #UmeriDePiatra (C) & (P) 2022 Global Records Toate drepturile sunt rezervate. Orice upload neautorizat al acestui videoclip este ilegal si poate fi raportat oricand la Youtube. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. In order to avoid copyright infringement, please do not upload this video on your channel.

ISCAR Sustainability


#ISCAR, #Sustainability, #GREEN

ISCAR TECH TALK - ISCAR's New Lever Lock Insert Clamping System


COMBI-D-LOCK Upgraded Lever Lock Improves the Clamping Rigidity of the Lever Lock Insert Clamping System ISCAR has upgraded lever lock to improve the clamping rigidity of the popular and user-friendly insert clamping system. The new design actually combines the advantages of the current lever with the extra clamping rigidity of the top clamp method. The current lever pushes the insert against the pocket, perpendicularly to the cutting force. This method sometimes fails during interrupted cut or heavy load applications, which causes the rear side of the insert to rise. The top clamp mechanism does provide high clamping security, but on the other hand edge or insert indexing is inconvenient and time consuming and the top clamp obstructs the chip flow – especially during internal turning applications. ISCAR’s new LR 4TL TOP LEVER combines the advantages of both systems. It firmly holds the insert in the pocket and also exerts an upper force on the rear side of the insert. It leaves the insert rake face unobstructed for free chip flow, while maintaining convenient insert handling and extremely high clamping security. The new LR 4TL TOP LEVER can replace the standard LR 4 lever in any tool. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. 🤍 #ISCAR; #TURNING; #ISOTURN; #COMBI-D-LOCK; #Clamping;

[Passo a passo] Três formas infalíveis para iscar camarão


Três formas infalíveis para iscar camarão - Passo a passo Esse vídeo está sensacional, nele você vai aprender três formas infalíveis de como iscar camarão, a isca camarão é um coringa, não tenha dúvida de pescaria de praia, sobre camarão, como iscar camarão, pescaria com isca natural é top de mais, é uma isca natural, uma isca para pesca versátil. Bpra curtir uma pescaria com isca natural na praia, camarão é uma das melhores. Se você gostou como ensinamos as três formas de iscar o camarão curta esse vídeo, deixe seu belo like e não se esqueça de se inscrever no canal e ativar o sininho das notificações. Deus Abençoe!!! Assista também esse vídeo 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #comoiscarcamarão #iscacamarão #camarão #comoiscarcamarãoparapescar

Swiss Grip - CNC Machining- Iscar Plus Tool Intros


Small size SWISS-GRIP tools were designed specifically for efficient parting and grooving on Swiss-type machines. These operator-friendly tools comprise holders and double-pocket SELF-GRIP mini blades mounted on the holders. To know more about this tool, visit the link below: 🤍

como iscar peixe agulha


como iscar peixe agulha

FMI Manufacturing uit Uden heeft recent de nieuwe Iscar LogiQ gereedschappen


FMI Manufacturing uit Uden heeft recent de nieuwe Iscar LogiQ gereedschappen getest op een C40 U bewerkingscentrum van Hermle. Ben Berben, teamleider bij FMI Manufacturing heeft samen met Gerard Ubels, vertegenwoordiger bij Iscar Ned🇳🇱 onderzocht welke gereedschappen en bewerkingsstrategieën het meest geschikt zijn voor het verkijgen van een optimaal productieproces. Onderstaande video geeft een kijkje in hoe zo'n gereedschap-demonstratie er aan toe gaat.

ISCAR TECH TALK - фрезы LOGIQ4FEED для очень больших подач


Представляем дополнение к серии LOGIQ4FEED, в которую входят уникальные изогнутые пластины с 4 режущими кромками и фрезы диаметром от 12 до 125 мм. В обновленную серию теперь входят: • Фрезерные головки MULTI-MASTER диаметром 20, 25 мм. • Фрезерные головки FLEXFIT диаметром 42 мм. • Насадные фрезы диаметром 42, 50 и 52 мм. В дополнение к корпусам фрез в серию вошли новые пластины для материалов группы ISO M и ISO S из сплавов IC808, IC882 и пластины из твердого сплава IC808 для прерывистой обработки материалов группы ISO P, ISO K и ISO H .

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